Working on something

Victoria Secrets Pink makes so much money off of me before each trip it’s ridiculous. My travel attire of a pink outfit, VS Pink slides with socks and my army fatigue jacket is the only thing I find comfortable. However, I’ve be thinking I might as well get traveling shirts made with my blog’s logo on the front. Those and some comfortable lounge/yoga pants should do. Victoria Secrets’s founder/ CEO’s grandchildren can not continuously make money off of me.


❤️ Sole Dubai 2k17

If you’ve never been to a concert with an imitate setting…. it’s an AMAZING experience. But don’t let my post fool you. Lol we stood in lines and waited in the same spot for over an hour and a half. However, the experience in itself was unmatched. Def made me a fan of Anderson Pak! Oh, and let me say I already liked H. E. R. but now I love H. E. R. it’s almost like I was on the stage with them.