Sigiriyah, Sri Lanka

Today began with hike to get an amazing view of the Sigiriya Rock. Let me tell you that this hike wiped me clean out!! The view was breathtaking (figuratively and literally 😫).

We did a village tour which gave great first hand insight on Sri Lankan life. It’s always top on my list to see how the people live.

Overall my experience here was an amazing one. My only complaint is I CAN NOT FIND A COLD PEPSI 😫.


Preparing for Sri Lanka

Step 1: Flight

Deciding Sri Lanka was our destination, selecting dates and purchasing airline tickets. πŸ’ΊπŸ›«

Step 2: Excursions

Planning seven days worth of tours/excursions that accommodated everyone’s desires isn’t easy. We looked up Sri Lanka’s Must See locations on the internet. We searches Sri Lanka tags on instagram. Shared screenshots of perfect photo ops… in doing so we found a tour guide (@sri_lanka_authentic_experience) who planned a lengthy itinerary that included all of the things we wanted to see. We hired him and that was that.

Step 3: Hotels

Hotels: we are all selected and paid for using We selected hotels that provided free breakfast and great/ok guest reviews. It was suggested that all hotels were 4 stars or higher. We followed that advice but didn’t shoot for fancy hotels as we will only be in each hotel for one night.

Step 4: Visa

Visa’s are needed therefore we applied online at

Step 5: Packing

So let me just be honest. I’m packing according to the look I want in my photo ops at each location. So that’s totally still under construction. Sad thing is my flight leaves tomorrow at 6:50pm.

Step 6: Take Flight


Working on something

Victoria Secrets Pink makes so much money off of me before each trip it’s ridiculous. My travel attire of a pink outfit, VS Pink slides with socks and my army fatigue jacket is the only thing I find comfortable. However, I’ve be thinking I might as well get traveling shirts made with my blog’s logo on the front. Those and some comfortable lounge/yoga pants should do. Victoria Secrets’s founder/ CEO’s grandchildren can not continuously make money off of me.

❀️ Sole Dubai 2k17

If you’ve never been to a concert with an imitate setting…. it’s an AMAZING experience. But don’t let my post fool you. Lol we stood in lines and waited in the same spot for over an hour and a half. However, the experience in itself was unmatched. Def made me a fan of Anderson Pak! Oh, and let me say I already liked H. E. R. but now I love H. E. R. it’s almost like I was on the stage with them.

One year down!Β 

July 6th I wrapped up my first year of teaching abroad! This experience has drained, challenged and changed me. Not that teaching isn’t a draining profession but it was stepped up a notch trying to understand them as they struggled to understand me. But guess what? We found a way and created several new ones as back up. (Clark Atlanta University taught me that!). So proud of all of my Group 1 family who helped me overcome my horrible case of homesickness. Love them all. WE MADE IT!